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Инструкция к очистителю-ионизатору воздуха "Green Nara 20" (english)

This product has following function .

1. Elimination of electromagnetic waves

Removes positive ions & raises the activity of human body

By generating fresh anion, Chungpung anion air purifier neutralizes positive ions (which are bad for human) and reduces stress hormone so that it can prevent the diseases such as VDT syndrome, Building disease syndrome Also Chungpung anion air purifier raises the activity of human body by generating lots of anion

2. Purification of the air
Changes to clean & frestj air

Chungpung anion air purifier neutralizes positive ions, which are bad for human, like smoke, SCh, NO » , CO etc by combining anions with positive ions

Therefore, Chungpung anion air purifier can keep the air clean and fresh

3. Anti-bacterial function
Removes dust & bacteria

Chungpung anion air purifier sterilizes the bacteria, dust, pollen, mould and prevent their cultivation

Chungpung anion air purifier is more effective when it is used in underground or poor ventilated place

4. Humidity control

Controlling Humidity makes comfortable indoor.

While Chungpung anion air purifier is changing "03" to "Anion 02" with chemical reaction formula ( Оз + 2H* + 2e -^02 + НгО ), it generates moisture so it helps recovering moisture

5. Elimination of bad smell

Chungpung anion air purifier removes indoor bad odor with the chemical oxidized decomposition caused by anion effect so it makes comfortable place We request you to install Chungpung anion air purifier at the place where has bad odors

nara 20 english

nara 20 english

IModel: CP-20

You are required to read following cautions before installation

  • Set the products over SOcenti-meters away from human body when you install
  • Product operates best under the condition that the height of installation is over
    1 meter from floor
  • Avoid installing our air purifier nearby other HUMIDIFIER.

It may cause malfunction of products. Keep the air purifier distance from other Humidifiers.

  • Stand the products over lOcenti-meters away from the wall (If you stand the
    products stick to wall, wall will become dirty and the effectiveness of colleting
    dust will be decreased.)
  • Avoid using chemical materials when you clean the products body.(the external
    coating may be worn off.)

Part name & descriptions

О Dust collector plate handle —

Handle, which is used-when the dust collector is pulled out

I Power ON/OFF switch

nara 20 english

• DC Jack cord

© Anion level indicator

Yellow Lamp: Weak mode Red Lamp: Strong mode

© Anion middle switch (Anion low switch

• Anion high switch.




How to use & install(Refer to figure 1]

  • Connect "Adaptor" to DC JACK Cord"(No.6 of Fugure 1) and insert a plug in
    an electronic outlet
  • Turn on the products by pushing "Power ON/OFF switch"(No. 1 of Figure 1)
  • Adjust the quantities of anion by using "Anion low/middle/high switch"(llo.2,3,4 of Figure 1)
    according to installed places, polluted situation, the number of residents etc

" о о о

Precaution for use

1. You may feel strong smell like you are standing in the mountain when you use
it initially. This smells when it neutralizes the existing bacteria using anion and
small quantity of ozone. Therefore you are kindly requested to operate this -
product with anion level switch set to "low" for the first 2 to 4 weeks so that it
gradually purifies bacteria or odor in the indoor air

* Note) If you don''t feel the smell strongly, you may use this equipment with the anion level switch set to "high" from the beginning

2. Products wfll operate best once you clean the dust collector plate regularly.
Clean-up cycle

Dust collector plate: Once a every 2 weeks ~ Once a month Copper pins plate: Stimes a year (In case of home)

1time a every 2months (In case of office or public place)

*At the heavy-polluted or humid places, product will operate best once you clean the product more often


  • Don''t use expansion cord
  • Difference of Voltages or Rating may cause fire, power source cut-off
  • Avoid to use air purifier together with other electric heat appliance
  • Keep the distance from child''s touch due to generating High Voltage inside

How to clean (Dust collector plate)

When the products is required to Clean

You must clean the products in use when the following phenomenon appear

I.When the noise sounds Ike ''TakyTak" and Tak" continuously, _____________

  • When the heavy noise generates,
  • When the strength of anbn current became weak

''Temporary sound ''TakTak" is the phenomenon that dust is burnt momentary so there is

no problem on Products. ____________________________________

* Due to air punter''s feature, it sounds l

How to wipe up Dust collector plate

  • After turns off the products, pull out a plug of adaptor from an electric outlet
  • Pull out the dust collector plate with grabbing the dust collector plate handle

0. Wipe up the dust collector plate with water-wet towel or common detergent-wet towel

4. After cleaning with wet towel, wipe up the dust collector plate with dry towel or make the dust collector plate dried perfectly. And then use the products again.

nara 20 english

nara 20 english


How to wipe up cooper pins

  • After turns off the products, pull out a plug of adaptor from an electric outlet
  • Disassemble the products by loosening the bolt & nut at each 4 edges of products body and wipe
    up the cooper pins with brash or wet towel (Be careful that copper pins are not bent when you
    wipe up)
  • After wiping up the cooper pins, dry cooper pins perfectly and assemble products again.

nara 20 english

4. Insert the dust collector plate inside the products according to the rail of dust collector plate
(* Be careful qpt to hurt your hands due to cooper pins are very keen when you wiping up
the cooper pins)

Scratch on the dust collector plate?

It is traces of "earth point" for products It is normal phenomenon

(cooper pins)



Model Name CP-20


AIR PURIFIER FOR HOME(29.7 square meter)





Power source


Warranty Card

CP-20 is produced through a strict quality control in order to ensure the performance.

If trouble occurs in the equipment during the warranty period, we will replace or service the equipment

by authorized distributor







Model Name


1. Warrantor: Domestic distributor 2. Scope of warrant: The warrant is applicable to all cases except for the following cases:

a. Trouble caused by inappropriate cleaning and unauthorized service. '' b. Trouble caused by deformation or replace of part c. Abuse or misuse of equipment d. Damage caused by natural disaster including fire, earthquake and flood.

Rated Voltage


Power consumption



353 x 127 x 335mm

. •


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